And so it was told:

That the Seven Xian, that rent and birthed Kaolin through blood and guile, through cacophonous violence and rage ; by Kun and Zhen, Gen and Li, by Kan, Dui and Xun; after the Sleep of a Thousand Ages and the Endless Dying that came there-to and hereafter, that once followed the War that Gave the Earth Unto Itself, would come the Final Converging; when Chi’en, The Motherfather, the Endless Undying, The Womb of the Beginning and The Wall that Holds, would come back from Beyond to establish the Omnicaliphate….
~Xian Shengren, The Book of Telling

Mankind has rested upon the surface for far too long, docile and weak, content to lead petty and insignificant lives. They’ve infected Kaolin with their vast mediocrity for long enough, and as the Star Fates align, this planet will adopt its original form; the Home of the TItans.

All Mankind! Grovel at the feet of Pure Greatness! There is no hope for you, no mercy and no salvation for the weak when KAOLIN BEASTS AWAKEN!!!!


Kaolin Beasts Awaken

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